Installing Ingress Traffic Manager and configuring SSL certificate

This section provides the steps to add secrets to the Ingress Traffic Manager and configure the 4Kb SSL certificate.
  1. Execute the command kubectl create secret tls secretforimpact --key key-file.key --cert cert-file.crt to create a name for the secret and generate the SSL key to request 4Kb certificate.
  2. Execute the command kubectl get secrets to get the secret created in the preceding step.
  3. Download the Ingress Traffic Manager Helm chart impact-citm-ingress-<version>.tgz.
  4. Execute the command tar -xvfz impact-citm-ingress-<version>.tgz to extract the impact-citm-ingress-<version>.tgz file.
  5. Navigate to the directory path impact-citm-ingress-<version>.tgzchartscitm-ingressvalues.yaml file and update the following in the values.yaml file:
    Note: Perform the changes to "udp" only in case of the Radius server.
    Replace "udp: {}" with:
    30055: "default/radius-service:1812"
    30057: "default/radius-service:1813"
  6. Search for the defaultSSLCertificate and update the defaultSSLCertificate parameter to default/secretforimpact with the secret created in the Step 1 and save the file.
  7. Install the ingress by executing the command helm3 install impact-citm impact-citm-ingress.