Supported Products

7250 IXR,7450 ESS, 7750 SR, 7950 XRS, and VSR

Event Search Tool


To filter in a specific field, enter text in the fields at the top of the display

To filter across all fields, enter text in the "Filter all records" field:

By default, some fields are not displayed. This is to reduce screen clutter. You can click on a column name in the "Toggle column visibility" topic to show/hide a particular column.

Negative filter

The negative filter search removes items that match the entered text. This is the opposite of a normal filter, which keeps only items that match the entered text.

Exporting data

You can export the alarm information to a CSV file.

Use the "CSV - Export All" button to create a CSV file that has all columns of data.

Use the "CSV - Export Visible" button to create a CSV file that contains data for only the visible columns.

Clear filters

Use the "Clear filters" button to clear all user-input fields, to close all record details, and reset the search to the default.

Comparing releases

You can compare alarms data for one release agains another release for the same product.

To do so, use the pulldowns to select a product and two difference releases, then use the "Compare" button.

The alarms that apply to the selected releases will be displayed. The "Compare" column will be made visible, and the content will indicate if the alarm is supported in both versions or not.

Using any filter, or using the "Clear fields" button, reverts back to the normal display.