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The Nokia Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things (IMPACT) is a massively scalable, highly performant solution for enablement of IOT. Consisting of Device Management, Data Management and Application Management IMPACT supports a range of access types including IP and Non-IP using both Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum. The solution utilizes highly scalable, standards based, multi-tenant server architecture with robust APIs enabling Application and Graphical Users access to network capabilities and device data. IMPACT enables Applications for the Internet of things (IoT) for Mobile Operators as well as Service Providers, Application Providers, Utilities, Municipalities and other organizations. IMPACT has particular strength in Low Power Wide Area devices where devices have limited resources as well as large scale devices such as Cars, Truck, Locomotives, Airplanes and other complex equipment.

Application API Reference
This document provides information on implementation and use of the IMPACT REST APIs used by Enterprise Applications for Data Collection.
Terminal Requirements
The documents in this section provides details of the terminal requirements for different protocols in IMPACT.
Device Adaptation Interface Description
This document provides information on how IMPACT provides an interface for adaptation to devices with diverse protocol or access needs.
Intelligent Data Store
This document provides information on IMPACT Intelligent Data Store, which is a component of the IMPACT solution that provides features for storing, processing, and analyzing the data generated by devices managed by the IMPACT platform.
Payload Mapping
This document provides information on how to onboard new device types with new protocols using scripting.
Intelligent Data Store API Reference
This Swagger document provides descriptions for the REST APIs exposed by the Intelligent Data Store component of IMPACT.