Onboarding Adapter

The Application can be onboarded using the API. The Application onboarding an Adapter is often termed onboarding through the Northbound. This is sent by the Adapter using a separate URI with different port. It is recommended to use the same credentials as when Creating Tokens.

This API has to be done for each top level Tenant that is using Adapter. Subtenants of this Tenant can use the adaptationLayerName when inserting devices to use the same adaption layer.

Parameter Description
URL http://<impact_hostname>:<port>/m2m/adaptation
Method PUT
Content-type application/json
  • adaptationLayerId [string]: Specifies the token generated during Create Token request. For more information on creating tokens, see Creating Tokens
  • adaptationLayerName [string]: Specifies the friendly name of the Adaptation Layer.
  • Groupname [string]: Specifies the Tenant name for which the adaptationLayerId is created.
  • Protocol [string]: Specify the protocol as HTTP to onboard HTTP Adaptation Layer.
  • url [string]: Specifies the valid url for Adaptation Layer. IMPACT IoT will reach out to this URL to send commands to the Adaptation Layer.
Response Parameters msg:[string]: success or failure message
Success code
Response Code: 200
Error code
400 : Bad Request 
401 : Unauthorized 
404 : Not Found
Sample call


curl -X PUT --header 'Content-Type: application/ json' --header 'Accept: application/
json'	--header 'Authorization: Basic U3VtYTEyMzpTdW1hQDkzODE=' -d '{
"adaptationLayerId": "1ib0e5jz80p4o", 
"adaptationLayerName": "friend5", 
"groupName": "DM.MFORM.SURYA",
"protocol": "HTTP",
}' 'http://mfussip02.mformation.com:9090/m2m/ adaptation

Response Body:

  "msg": "Success",