Device registration from the Adapter

Once the Adaptation Layer is successfully authorized in IMPACT IoT, the Adapter can register a Device.

The Registration Interface is used by the Adapter to register with the IMPACT IoT.

The Adapter must be prepared for a read as part of the registration process, where the objects are read.

While registering, the Adapter performs the Register operation and provides the necessary properties IMPACT IoT requires to contact the Adapter (for example, End Point Name) and provides knowledge of the Objects the Device supports. Finally, while shutting down or discontinuing the use of IMPACT IoT, the Adapter performs a De- register operation.

The payload for a Device supporting IMPACT IoT, Device, Connectivity Monitoring, and Firmware Update Objects would be:

Table 1. Device registration from the Adapter API format
Parameters Description
URL http://<impact_hostname>:<port>/m2m/device
Method POST
Content-Type application/json

The data parameters are:

  • register - This has the internal JSON that represents the Device registration payload.
  • device/0/endPointClientName - Specifies the Device serial number.
  • protocol: Specifies the protocol supported by the Device.
Sample Call
  • The device/0/endPointClientName is the device id that uniquely identifies the Device. In other APIs this is known as the Serial Number.
  • The device/0/manufacturer is the name of the Device manufacturer.
  • The device/0/model is the name of the Device model.
  • The protocol is HTTP.
  • The objectid can use any of the following:
    • Server
    • Device
    • Security
    • Firmware
    • CAPMeter
    • Connectivitystatistics
    • Connectivity
    • location

Response Body:

"msg": "Success","code":1000

An example payload for a Device supporting IMPACT IoT, device, connectivity monitoring, and firmware update objects are:

            "device/0/manufacturer": "Sodaq",
            "device/0/make": "Sodaq",
            "device/0/model": "Shield",
            "protocol": "HTTP"
Success Code
Response Code: 201 Created
Error Code
400 : Bad Request
401 : Unauthorized 
403 : Forbidden 
404 : Not Found 

After successful registration of the Device, the IMPACT IoT sends a read command on the root node also known as "/" to get all the resource information.