Uninstalling software

This section describes how to uninstall a Fabric Services System deployment. Topics include:

Uninstalling a Fabric Services System deployment

After completing the initial installation, you can uninstall a Fabric Services System deployment.
  1. Uninstall Fabric Services System services, Kubernetes, Digital Sandbox, and storage volumes.
    From the deployer VM, run the following command:
    [root@fss-deployer ~]$ /root/bin/fss-uninstall.sh all
  2. Reboot the storage nodes.
    As part of the Fabric Services System uninstall procedure, the file system cleanup requires the storage nodes to be rebooted so the partition or disk can be used for Fabric Services System installation or other purposes.

Deleting the deployer VM

To completely remove a Fabric Services System deployment, after uninstalling the Fabric Services System software, Digital Sandbox, and Kubernetes components (see Uninstalling a Fabric Services System deployment), you must delete the deployer VM from the node on which it is hosted.

To delete the deployer VM:

  1. Log in to the deployer host.
  2. Create an fssvm_delete.sh file, then copy the following contents into the file:
    delete_fssvm() {
      sudo virsh shutdown $VM
      sudo virsh undefine $VM
      sudo  virsh pool-destroy $VM
      sudo  rm -ri $D/$VM
  3. Modify the permissions of the shell script file.
    chmod 755 fssvm_delete.sh
  4. Execute the shell script.
    ./fssvm_delete.sh <name of the VM>

    The deployer VM is deleted from the deployer node.