Certain AVPs are applicable in only one direction, while others are applicable to both directions.

AVPs sent by the 7750 SR are used to:

  • inform the PCRF of the host creation/termination and the subscriber host identity in the 7750 SR

  • inform the PCRF of the functionality supported in the 7750 SR

  • report specific events related to the subscriber-host

  • report the status of the rules

  • report usage monitoring

  • report status of the host (existent/non-existent)

AVPs sent by PCRF toward the 7750 SR are used to:

  • install or activate policies

  • request usage monitoring

  • terminate the subscriber-host

  • request status of the subscriber-host (existent/non-existent)

AVPs that apply to both directions are used for base Diameter functionality such as peering establishment, routing of the Diameter messages, session identification and reporting of catastrophic failures (OSI change).