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Nokia Service Router Linux (SR Linux) is an open, extensible, and resilient network operating system (NOS) that enables superior scalability, flexibility, and efficiency in webscale, service provider, enterprise IP, and data center networks.
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Documentation topics

Documents under this category provide an overview of the SR Linux product. This includes SR Linux basic functionality, features supported, and hardware platforms that support SR Linux software.
Install and commission
Documents under this category help you install and commission your SR Linux software. This includes prerequisites, container installation, software upgrades, and recovery procedures.
Operate and maintain
Documents under this category provide background concepts and procedures for configuring, operating, and maintaining SR Linux software.
Monitor and troubleshoot
Documents under this category describe tools that can help you monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot SR Linux software. This section also includes Log Event documentation to help you interpret log messages generated by SR Linux software.
Documents under this category provide reference information about the SR Linux data model and the NetOps Development Kit API.

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