Data Access APIs

Data Access APIs provides a series of APIs that can be used to access the data stored in the device. The access to the data is controlled using the tenant hierarchy.

The APIs are available for the following data events:
  • Lifecycle
  • Observation
  • Read-Response
  • DJR (Device Job Result)
  • SMS
  • Alerts
  • Aggregation
Each of the event types has the following APIs:
  • Current- APIs to access the recent data.
  • History- APIs to access the historical data.
  • Bulk- APIs to stream data in bulk.

    For more information on the Data Access APIs, see Intelligent Data Store API Swagger documentation.

Bulk API Usage

The bulk APIs are exposed to query Intelligent Data Store data for use cases like batch analysis, incremental backup and so on. As these APIs can pull all the data that is stored under a tenant, frequent and large time-range queries might lead to stress on the Cassandra database. Adhere to the following guidelines to avoid stressing the system.
  1. Do not run these queries with frequencies less than an hour.
  2. Do not pull data for large time-range, say a month, in a single query.
  3. If there is a need to pull data frequently from the system, then make sure the time ranges are batched. For example, each individual query should pull data for a time-window incrementally, instead of the entire time range.
  4. If the deployment has a standby site then the bulk queries can be run pointing to the standby instance instead of the active instance.