RESTful web services

The Swagger document

The Connect Intelligent Data Store REST API reference is available as a Swagger document. The Swagger information gives the documentation for each REST API.

For each call, you can enter values for the input parameters, and then click the Try it out! button to execute it. The Swagger web application returns the corresponding Curl command, Request URL, Response Body, Response Code, and Response Headers.

How to access Swagger web application

Access the IMPACT IoT Swagger web application using either of the following URLs, depending on how security is being used:

  • https://impactserverhostname:sslport/rest
  • http://impactserverhostname:clearport/rest
  • impactserverhostname is the host name for IMPACT IoT
  • clearport is the clear port, when SSL is not used
  • sslport is the SSL port

Authentication with valid credentials is needed to execute a REST API call. Furthermore, the credentials must belong to a user with a role that gives permission to execute the API calls. Before using the API, make sure that a user with the appropriate role is available.