Get details for a subscription ID

The get details for a subscription ID request allows the client application to retrieve the details of any lifecycle or resource event subscription.

Get details for a subscription ID describes the API structure for getting details for a subscription ID.

Table 1. Get details for a subscription ID
Title Get details for a subscription ID
URL http://<impact_url>/m2m/subscriptions/{SubscriptionID}
Method GET
Content-Type application/json
URL Params

subscriptionId:[string]: Specifies the subscription ID for which details are required.

Only single subscriptionId:[string] must be sent in URL parameter.

Data Params
The following are the data parameters:
  • subscriptionId:[string]: Specifies the subscription Id for lifecycle or a resource subscription.
  • Criteria:[composite]: Specifies the combination of manufacturer data or serial numbers.
  • ManufacturerData:[composite]: Specifies the manufacturer information. It consists of make (M), model (O), firmware version (O).
  • Make:[string]: Specifies the device make (manufacturer) under observation.
  • Model:[string]: Specifies the device model under observation.
  • firmwareVersion:[string]: Specifies the device firmware version under observation.
  • serialNumbers:[Array]: List of endpoint ID’s (serial numbers) the client application wants to observe.
  • deletionPolicy:[integer]: Specifies the deletion policy for data in case of unsuccessful transmission to final destination after max number of retrials. Valid values are:
    • 0 - Data is removed from destination queue
    • 1 – Data persists (DLQ) until client application is back and IMPACT IoT system detects its presence
  • groupName:[string]: Name of the IMPACT IoT group to which the selected devices belong.
  • Resources:[composite]: Specifies the list of resources under observation.
  • Conditions:[composite]: Specifies the set of conditions that must be met to the release the notifications to the client application. Valid conditions are:
    • gt:[float]: Notify if value greater than
    • lt:[float]: Notify if value less than
    • pmin:[integer]: Minimum report period, in seconds
    • pmax:[integer]: Specifies the maximum period of time a LWM2M client may wait before sending the next notification.
    • steps:[float]: Minimum change value between two notifications
  • resourcePath:[string]: Specifies the path of the resource under observation. The resourcePath is mandatory inside a resource element.
  • subscriptionType:[string]: Specifies the type of subscription. Valid values are:
    • lifecycleEvents – For lifecycle events subscription
    • resources – For resources subscription
Success Code
Response Code: 200
Error Code
401 : Unauthorized 
403 : Forbidden 
404 : Not Found 
Sample Call Curl:
curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json'  --header 'Authorization: Basic ZG9jdXNlcjpBc2RmMSM=' 'http://<impact_url>/m2m/subscriptions/c9290038-3a4c-470d-bad7-58ed6c1d0d9e'
Response Body:
  "subscriptionId": "c9290038-3a4c-470d-bad7-58ed6c1d0d9e",
  "resources": [
      "resourcePath": "3/0/9",
      "conditions": {
        "steps": 5
  "groupName": "DM.MFORM",
  "criteria": {
    "manufacturerData": {
      "make": "US4949M1",
      "model": "US4949MOD1",
      "firmwareVersion": "1.0"
  "subscriptionType": 1,
  "deletionPolicy": 0
Notes None