PFCP messages

Get a description of the PFCP messages that are applicable for the MAG-c.

Message types defines which PFCP messages are applicable for the MAG-c.

The applicability of the messages and the applicability of the information elements that are defined in 3GPP TS 29.244 remain as specified in 3GPP TS 29.244.

Information elements that are added and defined by BBF in TR-459 are prefixed with (BBF) in the tables of this chapter. However, their name does not include the (BBF) prefix.

Vendor-specific information elements are prefixed with Nokia. Their name includes the Nokia prefix.

For the applicable messages, only the IEs used by the MAG-c are listed in the tables. .

Note: The abbreviations listed in the P (Presence) column in the tables in this section represent the following:
  • M = Mandatory
  • C = Conditional
  • O = Optional