Accessing documentation

Nokia customer documentation can be accessed through WebHelp or through the Nokia Documentation Center:

Most SR OS software user guides are publicly available (no authentication is required). The hardware guides and some technical documents are restricted (authentication is required).

The SR OS software user guides can be accessed using a Google search. For best results, search using the term "SR OS" followed by the current release and any applicable keywords. Because the hardware guides are restricted, they cannot be accessed using a Google search.

Note: Depending on your account permissions and login status, you may not be authorized to display or download restricted guides (indicated by a lock or key symbol). If the guide remains restricted after a valid login, contact a Nokia technical support representative to check your account permissions.

The SR OS documentation is available in the following formats:

  • WebHelp HTML
  • downloadable HTML library (WebHelp format)
  • PDF
  • zipped PDF library