Configuration notes

The following information describes provisioning restrictions:

  • If a card or MDA type is installed in a slot provisioned for a different type, the card does not initialize.

  • A card or MDA installed in an unprovisioned slot remains administratively and operationally down until the card type and MDA is specified.

  • Ports cannot be provisioned until the slot, card and MDA type are specified.

  • cHDLC does not support HDLC windowing features, nor other HDLC frame types such as S-frames.

  • cHDLC operates in the HDLC Asynchronous Balanced Mode (ABM) of operation.

  • APS configuration rules:

    • A physical port (either working or protection) must be shut down before it can be removed from an APS group port.

    • For a single-chassis APS group, a working port must be added first. Then a protection port can be added or removed at any time.

    • A protection port must be shut down before being removed from an APS group.

    • A path cannot be configured on a port before the port is added to an APS group.

    • A working port cannot be removed from an APS group until the APS port path is removed.

    • When ports are added to an APS group, all path-level configurations are available only on the APS port level and configuration on the physical member ports are blocked.

    • For APS-protected bundles, all members of a working bundle must reside on the working port of an APS group. Similarly all members of a protecting bundle must reside on the protecting circuit of that APS group.