Device configuration

Device is in REGISTERED with all known objects.

Configuration is performed using a POST /devices operation. Any value within the Object can be configured. It is expected that the Object will be present in the Device prior to configuration, but in case they are not instantiated, the Device may instantiate them as needed.

If the resource, as identified by the resource ID already exists, it is overwritten when reconfigured.

The following table provides details on Device configuration API.

Table 1. Device configuration API format
Parameters Description
URL http://<adapter_hostname>:<port>/devices
Method POST
Content-Type application/json

The parameters are:

  • device/0/endPointClientName - Specifies the Device serial number.
  • resource - Specifies the Device resource.
  • string - Specifies the resource value.
Sample Call The following is an example payload for configuring two Access Point Names (APNs):
				"resource": "connectivity/0/apn",
				"string": ""
				"resource": "connectivity/1/apn",

Response Body:

"msg": "Success","code":1000
Success Code
Response Code: 200
Error Code
400 : Bad Request
401 : Unauthorized 
403 : Forbidden 
404 : Not Found