Configuring the Fabric Services System deployer VM

  1. From the KVM console, log in to the deployer VM.

    Use the following credentials:

    Username: root

    Password: N0ki@DCF4bricFSS1!

    Note: After the initial login, Nokia recommends that you change this default password to a stronger password to enhance the security of the deployer and the Fabric Services System environment.
  2. If your environment does not support or use cloud-init services, disable and stop these services.
    # systemctl stop cloud-init cloud-init-local cloud-config cloud-final
    # systemctl disable cloud-init cloud-init-local cloud-config cloud-final
  3. Edit the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file to configure the correct static IP address, DNS servers, and gateway.
    The final content should look similar to the following, except with the IP address, DNS, and domain details specific to the target environment:
  4. Restart the network to apply the new configuration.

    Execute the following command:

    # systemctl restart network
  5. Configure the appropriate NTP servers.
    Edit the /etc/chrony.conf configuration file and replace all lines beginning with server with the correct server lines for the environment.
  6. Restart the chronyd service.
    # systemctl restart chronyd
  7. Verify that time synchronization is functioning properly.
    # chronyc tracking

    If the Reference ID field does not refer to any of the configured servers, but instead refers to something like, time synchronization is not functioning properly.

    Reference ID    : 87E30FFE (
    Stratum         : 4
    Ref time (UTC)  : Wed Feb 16 01:20:36 2022
    System time     : 0.000014215 seconds slow of NTP time
    Last offset     : -0.000001614 seconds
    RMS offset      : 0.000106133 seconds
    Frequency       : 11.863 ppm slow
    Residual freq   : -0.071 ppm
    Skew            : 0.187 ppm
    Root delay      : 0.063009784 seconds
    Root dispersion : 0.018440660 seconds
    Update interval : 64.5 seconds
    Leap status     : Normal
  8. Synchronize the RTC clock and the system clock.
    # hwclock --systohc
    Then, verify that local time and the RTC time are synchronized.
    # timedatectl
  9. Optional: Change the hostname.
    # hostnamectl set-hostname new-hostname.domain.tld
  10. Reboot the Fabric Services System deployer VM to ensure that all services come up with the correct network configuration.
    # reboot