Configuration process overview

The following figure shows the process to provision chassis slots (if any), line cards (if any), MDAs (if any), and ports.

Figure 1. Slot, card, MDA, and port configuration and implementation flow

  • Specifying the chassis slot and card type is not needed for fixed platforms such as 7210 SAS-T, 7210 SAS-Mxp, 7210 SAS-Sx/S 1/10GE and 7210 SAS-Sx 10/100GE; these platforms do not support removable cards. On fixed platforms, the card type is auto-provisioned. It is typically used only on chassis-based platforms that support slots for inserting cards, such as the 7210 SAS-R6 and 7210 SAS-R12.

  • Specifying the MDA type is not required on platforms that do not support an MDA, such as 7210 SAS-T, 7210 SAS-Sx/S 1/10GE, 7210 SAS-Sx 10/100GE, 7210 SAS-R6, and 7210 SAS-R12. 7210 SAS-Mxp does not have a expansion slot and therefore does not support MDAs.